In Which I Reach the End of My Tether

Just when you think capitalism has exhausted ways to make women feel shit about their bodies, there’s arm shapers.  Yes, we are too wrinkly, too saggy, our tits are too small, our hips are to big, our thighs are too cellulite-y, our skin is not tanned enough (if we are white) or not light enough (if we are brown or Asian), our hair is too grey and too frizzy or too lifeless (always one or the other), our scalp has ugly dandruff (even if we can’t see it), our armpits are too hairy and then when we shave them they’re too ugly, our skin is too oily/dry/zitty, our necks are too wattled, our pussies are WAY too bushy, our knees are too rough, we don’t wear enough make-up or we wear too much make-up and look like whores (and NO ONE wants to be mistaken for a whore!), our teeth are too yellow, our bellies are too stretch-marked, our eyebrows are completely the wrong shape, our eyelashes are too short, our crow’s feet are too deep, we are unnatural and overworked when we have surgery to try to “correct” our disobedient bodies, and we are DEFINITELY too fat.  Unless we are too skinny.

And now we are supposed to worry about “arm excess”???

Fuck it.  I’m done. I’m not devoting a single further nanosecond to worrying about the ways in which my body doesn’t conform to the ideal.  No one’s does and no one’s ever will.


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