Fairytales of Prostitution – an Introduction

I was a prostitute for four and a half years, give or take.  During that time, I worked in several massage parlours, I did independent outcalls and I co-ran a SOOB (small owner-operated brothel).  I was briefly a dominatrix*, which I was rubbish at, but I was a much more successful professional submissive.

I left the industry a whiles ago now, and I think enough time has passed that I have some perspective on it.  While I was in it, I was staunchly pro-sex work to the point that I refused to see anything but positives in the industry.  Now with distance and hindsight, I see it for what it was – like anything, it had awesome aspects and it had some pretty shitty aspects.  On the whole, however, I’m really happy for the time I spent as a prostitute.  I loved most of my work, I learned new skills (not even the sort of skills you’re thinking about!) and I think it made me a better person.

So I thought I’d start writing about some of the myths that surround prostitution.  Of course, it’s all my own perspective informed by my own experiences.   Other prostitutes’ experiences will no doubt be completely different.

I use the term “prostitute” quite consciously.  “Sex worker” seems to have become a bit of a catch-all euphemism which I have heard applied to everyone from strippers to phone-sex workers to paid erotica writers!  I’d rather own the term “prostitute”, because that’s what I was.  I’ll probably also refer to myself as a hooker and a whore.  These terms, to my mind, have more poewr and more history than the bland “sex worker”.


* The dominatrices I know will want me to mention that their line of work is not the same as prostitution and that as a rule dominatrices do not have sex with their clients.  Indeed, in my brief stint as a dominatrix, I didn’t.  I did, however, have sex with clients as a pro-sub, although only in specialised sessions.